Instagram Business School 
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Learn how to build a following on Instagram and make 
$500 to $1,000 per week 
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And the best part is you can do that 
by only using your smartphone.

IMPORTANT: Legal Disclaimers
 FMMB [FMMB Kevin Schmid & Nico Lehr GbR] is a registered company and the results are not typical. We do not guarantee for your success and your earnings. It depends to 100% on you! You may make more, less or the same.
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*People normally pay $97 for the Instagram Business School. Right now we have a SPECIAL OFFER which allows you to join for just $7/m.
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Instagram Business School
  • From beginner to winner
  • Step by step explanation
  • No matter what age
  • Without any capital
  • Can be a sidehustle while a 9- 5 job or a student
  • No previous experiences needed
  • ​You don't have to show your face
  • Time expenses about 1h per day
  • 100% Cashback if you hit the 150k followers
We're known from
415,000+ INSTAGRAM
Learn step by step in our Instagram Business School how the Instagram Business works. We'll teach you everything you need to know to build your own Instagram Business. Change you life now! 
will teach you...
How to make $500 to $1,000 per week with Instagram.
How to build a big following on Instagram.
How you can do that by
only using your smartphone.
All knowledge that you need for your Instagram Business.
*only for action takers
... $1,247.88 in one day?
@FuckMillionsMakeBillions since 2017

We tried a lot of different strategies to monetize our Instagram. It was very hard to find a strategie that works.

After a few weeks we found an awesome strategy.

The results...
We made $1,247.88 in only one day!!

So many people asked us if it is really possible to earn money throught Instagram?

>YES! It's definitly possible. At this moment we earn thousands of dollar with Instagram. And we don't even have an own physically product. But the greates thing, you don't need a own product! Thousands of dollars without having an own product - sounds awesome right?
Millionaire Mentor:
Grant Cardone:
  • Module 1 - Welcome  [10 min]
  • Module 2 - Unterstanding Instagram [40 min]
  • Module 3 - The Foundation [1h]
  • Module 4 - Content [40 min]
  • Module 5 - Motivation [10 min]
  • Module 6 - Explore Page [20 min]

  • Module 7 - Engagement Networks  [20 min]
  • Module 8 - Growth Hacks [30 min]
  • Module 9 - Motivation 2.0 [5 min]
  • Module 10 - Branding [30 min]
  • Module 11 - Make Money [15 min]
  • Module 12 - Analysis [20 min]
  • Module 13 - Make Money [10 min]
  • Module 14 - Automation Secret [20 min]
  • Module 15 - Bonus [15 min]
  • Module 16 - Bonus 
+1,925 Followers per Day!!
@FuckMillionsMakeBillions since 2017

We started Instagram in June 2017. It took us around 10 months to grow up to 20,000 followers. Average growth: 66 followers per day. After these 10 months after trying and failing a lot we found an amazing strategy which brought us incredible results. In August 2018 we hit our first big milestone. 
100,000 followers! We grew hunderts of followers per day. 
In December 2018 we reached another huge milestone:
Awesome right?
But it got even better! Only 2 months later we hit the 300,000 followers. That corresponds to 50k per month! Review: It took us 10 months to grow the frist 20,000 followers. No we're growing over 50,000 followers per single month! We share this powerful strategy in our Instagram Business School. We teach you everything about how to build a massiv following on Instagram and how to make hundreds of new followers every single day!

Learn with our strategie how to grow +1,925 followers per day.
This corresponds to +57,750 followers per month or
+346,500 followers in only 6 months...

With our highly effective strategy it's very simple. You only have to take action and join our Instagram Business School!
Our Success Story...
Nico Lehr & Kevin Schmid
From the beginning on FMMB started with two founders (Kevin and Nico). We both met at a german company. Nico is in his education and Kevin works in the same office. We both knew we wanted to start a business since we were always...
...dreaming about making our own money by using Social Media.
We saw those people on Instagram travelling the world, driving cool cars and making a lot of money... They lived and showed their dream life in the Internet. That's so awesome... Isn't it? 
But we were not driving cool cars or traveling the world.
Feb. 2019 (Nico)
We wanted to make more out of our life! In February 2016 Kevin decided to start his first Instagram Account. After few weeks he realized that the Instagram game isn't easy. He failed and stopped the account after a few unsuccessful weeks. In Feburary 2017 Kevin started his second account and again he realized, that the Instagram game is still very difficult.
It was very hard to gain followers.
4 months later, after Kevin and Nico met at a german company where they both work their 9 to 5 job, they decided to start a business together. They have been talking a lot about businesses, about financial freedom and about creating their dream life. They both realized that they don't want to live the same year over and over again for the rest of their lifes. So many people were showing their dream life on Instagram and YouTube. When they went out one evening to have some drinks, Kevin and Nico talked about how bad they want to live a life where they can work from wherever they want at whatever time they want and make enough money to live a free life. 
And that was the moment when FMMB was born.
We founded FMMB in June 2017.
We were pumped and hyped but we still haven't figured out how the game works. It was really hard to build a following. So many pages grew hundreds of followers per day and we didn't. It was frustrating but we kept trying and fighting and learning. We knew that it was only a matter of time until we figured out how to grow on Instagram and make money with it.
It was so hard to build a following. We even did the follow/unfollow strategy which is the worst you could ever do - but we didn't know better.
While so many pages grew hundreds of followers per day we only grew around 20 followers per day. 
But how did they do it?
We grew only ~20 per Day.
We asked so many other pages in the same nich for some tips. We asked them about their strategies and if they could help us and teach us how it works. Most of the answers were very negative and demotivating because nobody wants to help a small page out. Only few accounts answered us ...
..but they didn't tell us their secrets.
So we grew very very slow. We tried so many different strategies... But it didn't work very well. After 10 months we finally reached 20,000 followers!
After 10 month we reached 20,000 followers!
And we finally found a strategy that worked and still works! We grew every day better and better. We always improved our strategy and became better and better. In August 2018 we achieved our first big milestone. 100,000 followers! 
With the right strategie it was finally possible to grow fast.  
We finally figured out a strategy that consists of a few different strategies that allowed us to grow like crazy. It really was insane how it worked. So now we grew hundreds of followers a day! It took us 4 weeks to grow 400 new followers and now we made 400+ followers in just one day!
After months of hard work and trying and failing we finally managed to get a crazy growth.
1,000+ Followers per day!
Our growth was so great, that in December we reached 200,000 followers. And only 2 months later we reached 300,000 followers. Awesome right? 100.000 followers in only two months? 50,000 followers per month... corresponds to around 1,600 followers per day. 
1,600 follower every single day!
12. Dez 2018 (Nico & Kevin)
February 2019 (Nico & Kevin)
1,600 new follower every single day!
Now that we figured out how it works something funny happened. People and pages that when we started were much bigger than us messaged us and asked us how we did it and what we do. When we needed help they reacted arrogant and degorative. And now they suddenly ask for help and advice.
Now they suddenly ask for help!
Through our Instagram business we're networking with lots of interesting and like-minded peolple. We met in Munich at the beginning of 2019 for a meetup/businesstalk. It was one of the greatest experiences we've ever made! During our time in Munich we staid at the famouse Hilton Hotel. We never thought that this might be possible but thanks to Instagram it definitely is 100% possible. 
12. Dez 2018 (Nico & Kevin)
February 2019 (Nico & Kevin)
We never thought that this might be possible but thanks to Instagram it definitely is 100% possible.
At the same time we learned how to make money with Instagram. We tried a lot of different strategies... Now we earn thousands of dollars every single month. 
Now we earn thousands of dollars every single month. 

Yes, that's our success story. We can definitely say: We made it. We achieved our goals after 1,5 years. Now we're creating this Instagram Business School for those of you who also want to build an Instagram Business and create their dream life. We want to help other people because everyone can do it! You're just a few steps from your success story away. Take action and live a life like we do.
Create your dream life.
You can also be successful!
reviews and Feedbacks!
I use Instagram about 3 years now, at the beginning I had massive problems to grow and make money. I bought many courses in the past but My results weren’t getting better.. Since I connected with Nico and Kevin my whole journey took a turnover! I joined their Instagram Business School and I have to say: They know exactly what they’re doing and they’re teaching Methods that really work. A huge shoutout to them and the Strategies they teach inside Instagram Business School!
~Tommy aka Gratefulmindset
The Instagram Business School has a very successful lesson for my aims to be fully achieved in Growing my Instag and Making Money.
The School displayed me many (considerable) strengths in this lesson including Achieving my aims and Making Money With What I want.
The planning and execution of your lessons were both of a very high standard.
I recommended the business school to my friends and everyone to join because it will change everyone's life if he/she surely works hard for that to happen
~Mheezta More
I’ve been working with FMMB since I had no experience on Instagram. After 1,5 years working next to them I saw that they were revolutionizing the Instagram game with super smart strategies. I can’t say how much value he gives it away for such an affordable price. When I started my journey I didn’t have this type of value for such a cheap price so consider yourself blessed if you know about this course!!! :yen:
Why is the instagram business school so expensive?
With Instagram you can create a real profitable business. You can do all the work with your smartphone and in our Instagram Business School we show you what you have to do to start your own Instagram business. We created FMMB starting in the middle of 2017. In ~1,5 years we built a powerful brand and make thousands of Dollars every single month. You can also earn like this. So ask youself: Is the Instagram Business School expensive if you can make thousands of Dollars with it? 
$97 equals...
...20 Starbucks coffees
...25 Big Macs
...2 nights out at a club
...1 nice pairs of jeans
the FMMB Instagram Business School!
You can start a real business here! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. We've put out so much knowledge for free. We even started a completely free test group where we taught people what we know for FREE. And guess what happened: NOTHING. These people didn't put in the work. They didn't even start. And the reason is (we researched that - statistics and case studies also prove this) because people were getting everything for free. But when people pay a little money they are 78% more likely to achieve their goals. And that's why our Instagram Business School is not for free. 
All it takes to start is a little investment and with your work ethic and your engagement you'll be making that money back - easily!
It doesn´t matter where you are from. Don't take your country as an excuse. The price is for everybody the same.
Take A Sneak Peek Inside...
The Foundation
Growth Hacks
VALUE $997
VALUE $997
Automation Secrets
VALUE $297
Make Money
VALUE $997
Instagram Secrets
VALUE $297
TOTAL VALUE:   $3,682 +
*People normally pay about $497 for the Instagram Business School. Right now we have a SPECIAL OFFER which allows you to join for just $97
*only for action takers
ABout US
Nico Lehr, Founder
Hey, my name is Nico. I’m 20 years old and I am one of the founders of FMMB. Currently I’m in a normal 9-5 in an education as Technical Productdesigner. During the education I created the powerful branding FMMB with Kevin. Instagram changed my life. I always knew I want to achieve more in my life than an average person. I didn’t want to go on holidays only one time a year and I don’t want to drive a boring car. But I can’t reach my dreamlife with a normal 9-5. I want to be travelling the world and buy my dream car, the Audi R8 V10 plus. But the car was too expensive to buy it with my 9-5 income. So many people are showing their dreamlife on the internet. So many people are travelling the world an earning money with social media. I wanted the same lifestyle! I also wanted to earn my money on the internet. I also want to be flexible… Long story short, I made it. Now I’m earning my money through Instagram and I am earning much more than in my normal 9-5 job. This or next year I am going to buy my dream car! I really recommend you to start an Instagram Business, too. You don’t have any limits on the Internet. Instagram is a gold mine! For now, we created the Instagram Business School. I wish we had something similar like the Instagram Business School, like a video course that taught us how to grow on Instagram and make money – but we didn’t. But you do. And we are very happy to help you guys because we know exactly how you feel right now. 
So join the Instagram Business School and change your life into your dreamlife!
    Kevin Schmid, Founder
    Hey, my name is Kevin. I’m 28 years old and I’m one of the founders of FMMB.
    I’m currently working my normal 9 to 5 job as an industrial engineer.
    I always did what society expected me to do. But that wasn’t really what I wanted.
    During high school, during university and during my 9 to 5 job I watched so many people starting from nothing going to buying a Lamborghini and travelling the world – and still making more and more money.
    I wanted to do the same! I wanted to be free in life. That was always my dream since I was a little boy. I always knew I don’t want an average life, I don’t want to live from paycheck to paycheck. I knew I couldn’t reach my dream life by working 9 to 5.
    A 9 to 5 job can’t give me what I want, but Instagram can. I always knew that.
    I messaged hundreds of people on Instagram if they could teach me or help me and in return, I would work for them for free.
    I searched the sh*t out of Google and YouTube to find the tips and tricks and hacks. I never stopped trying and after around 2 years of failure, after spending hundreds of hours watching videos and learning and trying, after starting to read a lot and spending night after night watching YouTube videos FMMB was born.
    It took us another 10 months to figure out completely how the Instagram game works and after making thousands of dollars thanks to what we’ve been learning the past years we are now able to live our dream life. We live a free life now and our next goal is to help you reach that level of freedom. We now can fulfill our dreams by the end of this year I’m going to be buying my dream car - Mercedes-AMG G 63!
    And we want you to be able to do the same.
    I wish we had a similar video course when we first started out because that would have saved us more than 10 months of hard work and struggle.
    That’s why we created the Instagram Business School.
    We don’t want you to have these first 10 months of struggle and effort.
    We want to tell and teach you how it all works.
    The only thing you have to do now is to take action.
    I want to tell you that it is all possible while going to school, while going to university or while working your 9 to 5. It is possible do start an Instagram business while having a family and paying the monthly bills. It depends on you if you are willing to put in the work. I am a family father, I have a lot of bills to pay but I still managed to make thousands of dollars as a side hustle. And that means that you can do that too!
    Join today to start creating your dream life and most important – make yourself happy!

    Is the Instagram Business School 
    the right one for me?
    If you can answer all these questions the Instagram Business School is 100% right for you!
    • You want to start online business with Instagram?
    • You want to work from wherever you want?
    • You want to work whenever you want?
    •  You want to earn money with no limits?
    •  You are motivated to start your business?
    •  You don't want to invest?
    •  You want to work only with your smartphone?
    •  You want to be your own boss? You are an action taker?
    If you can't answer these questions with YES, than the Instagram Business School isn't the right for you!
    FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions:
    How many followers do I need to make money with Instagram?
    You don't need thousands of followers. You can start to earn with about 1k followers. But if you have more followers you can earn much more money.
    We also developed a strategy that tells you how to make money using Instagram without even having any followers. 0 followers required to make money with Instagram.
    How much work do if have to put in?
    At the beginning it's a very hard business and you have to do a lot of things. So you have to put in the work, the time and the energy. The first 20k followers will be the hardest. If you have a bigger account and make some money you can easily automate everything.
    Are there hidden costs?
    NO! The Instagram Business School is a one time payment. No hidden costs. No monthly payment. This is a one time payment. 
    When I will make my first money?
    It depends on you. If you focus on making money you will make your first Dollars within the first weeks.
    I'm too young! Does it matter?
    No! Your age doesn't matter. Your age is just a number that's used as an excuse! If you follow the Instagram Business School strategies you'll be successful.
    Will I be successful?
    It depends on you. It's definitly possible to be successful with our strategies but you have to put in the work. If you work hard you will be successful. But never quit and never give up!
    I am not from Germany like you. Can I be successful?
    YES! You're ancestry is only an excuse. You can work from wherever you want. It doesn´t matter where you are from.
    How do I get access?
    You have to buy the Instagram Business School. After that you will get an email with access data. It is very simple and fast.
    This is your defining moment.
    The decision is now.
    60 Day Money Back Guarantee
    I so strongly believe that The Instagram University will give you the Overwhelming Advantage on Instagram that you are looking for, that we're willing to give you a 100% money-back guarantee. That means when you invest today, you have 14 days to get a full and immediate refund.
    But let me say this: I guarantee you that The Instagram Business School will give you an almost unfair advantage. I guarantee you that this program will shave years and thousands of dollars off your learning curve. I guarantee that The Instagram University will help you Reach Your Goals much faster than normal. I guarantee you that this program will be full of things that you have never heard of before. I stand behind this program 100% and the results back this up. This is why I can make this bold refund guarantee. 
    Copyright 2019  FMMB Kevin Schmid & Nico Lehr GbR. All rights reserved.
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